Beck Center for the Arts annual cultural heritage exhibit and experience features Columbus-based artists


LAKEWOOD, Ohio – Beck Center for the Arts presents its cultural heritage exhibit and experience each year.

This year’s free exhibition – on display until November 15 in the Jean Bulicek Gallery at the Beck Center – is a collaboration with Columbus’ Transit Arts featuring paintings and drawings by Lawrence Baker, Richard Duarte Brown, Malik Carrington and Katerina Armeria .

“Bringing together four exceptional artists to share their skills and stories is a highlight,” Beck Center education director Ed Gallagher said in a press release.

From seasoned professionals of Mr. Baker and Mr. Brown sharing a lifetime of talent and artistic work to rising stars of Ms. Armeria and Mr. Carrington, there are stories and talents from across the state and ages for everything. the world.”

The Beck Center’s joint exhibition with Transit Arts makes sense given that the Central Community House program is a Columbus youth arts development initiative engaging young people with a wide variety of interactive and multidisciplinary artistic workshops and performances, as well as exhibition opportunities.

Basically, Transit Arts provides the state capital with the same kind of programming that the Beck Center offers in Lakewood and Northeast Ohio.

Brown, who is also a master artist with Transit Arts, said the idea for the joint exhibit came from Gallagher, who was looking for a like-minded nonprofit interested in building community.

The annual Beck Center for the Arts Cultural Heritage Exhibition and Experience runs through November 15 in the Jean Bulicek Gallery at the Beck Center. (Courtesy of the Beck Center for the Arts)

“It was just an opportunity to come together for the same cause,” said Brown, who also teaches art. “There’s this push in the world where we have differences but we’re really similar. So the arts in a way give the chance to confront each other.

“It’s like we don’t draw attention to our differences. We can be different, but we can jump into the differences of each other by painting, dancing, singing or playing. In the midst of someone’s culture, you are part of it as if you were at the table. It is a deeper cause to bring us together as diverse people. “

While this marks Transit Arts’ first art show with the Beck Center, Brown said his Columbus peers were part of the Lakewood Arts Festival in 2019, as well as last summer.

“It’s almost like coming home,” said Brown, who noted that there is hope in the near future for artists at the Beck Center to show their work in Columbus.

“As soon as we are in a less restricted time, it will happen soon. We are in the process of doing renovations, so we will have the space to do it.

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