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As the Belmont Twin Pines Art Center prepares to reopen on July 1 after the pandemic, it will host a month-long art exhibit and sale featuring the ArtQuest group to celebrate.

Judy King, who helps run the Twin Pines Art Center in the Manor House, said it was the art centre’s first show since it closed due to the pandemic in March 2020.

“It’s just sad. It’s the biggest worry that there is this beautiful building still full of art that does nothing, ”King said.

Manor House features resident artist studios and monthly rotating exhibitions indoors. The house was built by the George Center in 1908 and now features art exhibits and small parties on the ground floor, while the second floor houses the artist studios. In addition to adding new art exhibits, Manor House is amending the booking of shows that were previously scheduled last year and is hosting the show to kick off the opening.

“My theory is that if you’re proud enough of your work to show it to the public, we’ll let you do it,” King said.

ArtQuest was formed in 2017 and features local artists Kathy Wilson, Linda Roth, Carole Fulmer, Zdenka Bleile, and Kaye Bonney. Wilson, Roth, Fulmer and Bleile will showcase their work in the July exhibition. Wilson is an oil painter and multimedia artist who combines unexpected things to try to surprise and engage viewers in engaging personal meaning. She uses materials that she finds while walking and that are neglected. Wilson began making art in the Los Angeles area before moving to the Bay Area to study at Stanford University.

“We all made art, but it’s really hard to find a way to make it known to the world, so we started to work together,” Wilson said.

Fulmer was born in New York City and began painting as a hobby as a child after being encouraged by a neighbor. She works to obtain an ephemeral or atmospheric atmosphere to give the viewer an impression to be interpreted.

“I’m a painter who paints by implication and leaves the viewer with a sense of mystery and nuance, not always, but I try to take this approach,” Fulmer said.

Roth will present works in oils, pastels and watercolors that showcase nature in California. Bleile uses oil and cold wax to show abstract realism and abstract works.

ArtQuest began showing art available at the San Carlos Adult Community Center and has since exhibited its members’ art across the peninsula. ArtQuest has been on display at the Manor House before, but not recently due to COVID-19. He was content with virtual galleries during the pandemic.

Members of ArtQuest often show their work together in galleries, and Fulmer and Wilson noted the flow and organization of the current exhibition that showcases the pieces without conflicting style and color. The art will mainly feature new works with earlier works of art. Both are delighted to see their work at the Manor House and feel rewarded to see it on display to the public.

“It’s fun to hear people talk about your art. Sometimes you just hang out in an exhibit and you’ll hear two people stand up and say, isn’t that interesting. Do you see this? Do you see? ”Wilson said.

They are delighted to show their work to everyone they have worked with over the past few years. The like-minded group enjoys supporting each other artistically and is happy with each other’s success. Wilson and Fulmer have both said that while they are introverts, the connections to people and artists are genuine and essential.

“We’re really happy for each other when someone sells something. It’s a big win for all of us, ”Wilson said.

The July exhibit will be held monthly, Wednesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 10 Twin Pines Lane in Belmont. A day of meeting with the artists will take place on Sunday July 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


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