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Delicate metal flowers and unique ceramic plates and trays line the back wall of the Flourish exhibit in the Gough Gallery at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center in Denton.

Flourish is an exhibition of ceramics and metalwork by Courtney DiMare and Brianna Shimer, Masters of Fine Arts candidates. The collaborative exhibition features large floral necklaces, tiles and other works by graduate students.

“I fell in love with the deceptive nature of their work,” said Jenny Bates, Greater Denton Arts Council exhibition coordinator and Denton resident. “You don’t expect these flowers [collars] be made of metal or these [flower bouquets] be copper. It makes you think, “What am I looking at? “”

Originally from the Chicago metro area, DiMare received her bachelor’s degree from Maine College of Art before founding Copper Bouquet, a unique, handmade flower service with her husband in 2018. In 2019, DiMare moved to Denton to pursue her master’s degree.

DiMare’s work focuses on metallurgy and clothing. Her large floral necklaces are made from copper foil, steel and patina. DiMare said she started metalworking in high school and enjoyed making larger pieces.

“I’ve always received comments that it was interesting to see a little little girl doing this big metal job,” said DiMare. “I have always liked to surprise people.

Shimer received his BFA from New York State College for Ceramics at Alfred University and his work focuses on utility ceramics. Many of Shimer’s pieces in the gallery are porcelain bowls or plates that represent meeting or coming together for shared experiences.

Bates said both mediums work well in the show, as opposed to other shows that put two pieces by different artists next to each other and make this the breadth of the collaboration.

“The girls put the work together [and] it’s different than what we would normally see, ”Bates said.

DiMare and Shimer met during the MFA program orientation in 2019. After the COVID-19 hit, DiMare said that she and Shimer continued to stay in touch as they had several classes together.

The idea to collaborate on an exhibition came when Shimer was at DiMare and saw his collection of flowers. Shimer and DiMare worked together to organize and choose which flowers and ceramic pieces to show.

“It was pretty easy,” DiMare said. “We communicate very well [and] it really came quite easily.

The exhibition features solo pieces as well as collaborative works by DiMare and Shimer.

The largest collaborative piece in the exhibition is known as the Garden, which covers the back wall of the gallery. The garden features copper and enamel flowers made by DiMare with porcelain bowls, plates and platters by Shimer.

“It is a very good hybrid of [their styles]”Said Audrey Ramsey, Senior Art History and GDAC Intern.” The pieces they specifically chose to put together were perfectly in union. “

Erin Boyce, administrative assistant and GDAC Membership and Rentals Coordinator, said the Hibiscus necklace stood out for her because she had never seen anything like it.

“I really like [Flourish]”Boyce said.” It’s such a refreshing sight. I’ve never really seen this medium used that way. I think there’s a really nice harmony.

The Flourish exhibit can be seen in the Gough Galler at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center until December 4.

The selected image: “Florish,” a copper and enamel artwork by Courtney DiMare and Brianna Shimer, is pictured at Patterson-Appleton Arts Center in Denton on November 2, 2021. Photo by Hannah Johnson


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