Norwalk Art Space Announces New Exhibit Opening in May


NORWALK, CT — The Norwalk Art Space will host a new exhibition highlighting the work of its first group of resident artists: Francisco Mandujano, Lorena Sferlazza, Remy Sosa and Emily Teall.

According to a statement provided by the Art Space, an opening reception will be held on May 5

from 6 to 9 p.m. and will include performances by The Norwalk Art Space Student Jazz
Together, as well as students who participated in TNAS Teen Talent Night.

The Norwalk Art Space (TNAS) opened its doors last June, amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, providing a source of hope for its students, artists and the community. Mandujano, Sferlazza, Sosa and Teall began their one-year tenure as TNAS’ first resident artists on April 1, 2021.

In their first year, they were instrumental in launching The Norwalk Art Space’s educational program and bringing the vision of its founder, Alexandra Korry, to fruition. The evolving personal journey of each resident artist was evident as they filled the gallery and studios with their unique works of art.

Through the TNAS After-Curricular Art Program, they have provided guidance and confidence to over 90 students in Norwalk and surrounding areas. This exhibition celebrates their accomplishments and highlights their growth as “world builders”, painters, multimedia collage artists, “naturalists” and teachers during The Norwalk Art Space’s inaugural year.

“These four resident artists have taught completely distinct subjects and mediums, but the common thread has always been self-exploration and the power to find your own visual language,” said Duvian Montoya, artistic and educational director of The Norwalk. Space Art. Press release.

Mandujano’s creative avatars and fantastical worlds have inspired children from 1 to 91 years old. Known to his over 11,000 Youtube fans as Franky D. Crafter, his work is based on his desire to make Dungeons & Dragons games easier and deeper, allowing participants to expand their imaginations, and giving its students the opportunity to explore empowerment and self-preservation through the creation of fantasy characters, according to Art Space.

Sferlazza’s work has previously been exhibited in major galleries in the region, and she continues to excel as an educational manager for the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. His mastery of mediums is evident in his paintings; she evolved from brick walls and barriers to figures and life, showing tremendous growth, courage and self-reflection during her residency, according to Art Space.

“I can’t stress enough the gift the Norwalk Art Space has been to my life over the past year,” Sferlazza said in a press release. “It’s been a tough season for many, and this place has given me hope. I grew up in Norwalk, even though no place like this existed back then. Now, as a As a returning adult in the area, I am so grateful for the honest community that has grown here. It has been a privilege and an honor to collaborate in teaching and creating here.

Sosa’s emotionally charged work immediately draws viewers in because it feels raw, personal, and authentic. Her fearlessness in her exploratory process allows her to pour her emotions into works of art that demand attention. She tapped into that same kind of deep expression with her students, allowing them to lose themselves in the process and learn to use the creative process to scream out loud, according to Art Space.

Teall’s work, including his tulip bulb in the sculpture garden and his ever-changing semi-organic sculpture in the front stairwell, is influenced by the natural cycle of renewal. It vividly announces the promise of things to come while alluding to the unpredictable twist of untamed nature, according to the art space.

“My residency at Norwalk Art Space transformed my artistic outlook, reinvigorated my passion for the arts, and gave me access to an invaluable community,” Teall said in a press release. “Teaching local students and following Alexandra Davern-Korry’s human rights vision is extremely motivating and exciting; collaborating with students pushes my own work further. The greatest asset of The Norwalk Art Space is the powerful community it provides.”

Alongside the main exhibition, beautiful artwork created by TNAS students during the Spring 2022 semester will be showcased on the walls of the Art Space Cafe. Students were an integral part of the “Maid Voyage” and The Norwalk Art Space’s mission is built around them.

The trusted volunteers who have participated in over 90 public events since it opened in June 2021 are also an integral part of The Norwalk Art Space. An exhibition of volunteer artwork will be featured in the Student Lounge Gallery.

As part of the “Inaugural Journey” exhibit, The Norwalk Art Space will host an artist talk on May 15 from 1-2:30 p.m. Moderated by David Green of the Fairfield County Cultural Alliance, the talk will feature featured Mandujano, Sferlazza, Sosa and Teall, as well as TNAS educational co-directors Darcy Hicks and Duvian Montoya.

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An artistic creation workshop entitled “Envisage a world…” will be offered on May 21 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Come celebrate COMMUNITY and the first full year of TNAS in this art-making workshop for all ages.

Join Mandujano, Sosa, Teall and Sferlazza to create 2D and 3D collages that inspire us to reframe our vision of community. Make new friends, talk about local impact, and experience different art-making processes. Perfect for all ages and abilities, registration required.


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