Ocala Center for the Arts, Florida to showcase mystical and colorful worlds


The October exhibit at the Brick City Center for the Arts will immerse visitors in the vivid colors and mystical experiences of a Peruvian rainforest, right in downtown Ocala.

The exhibition “Nature In the Balance: Exploring Flora & Fauna of Florida & South America” ​​will present works of art by visionary Amazonian artists and Peruvian children from the collection of guest curator, Scott Olsen of Ocala, and will highlight the photography of wild Florida and the Guyanese Shield in South America by James Valentine.

The photograph captures scenes like the 3,200-foot Angel Falls in Venezuela.

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The exhibit runs monthly during regular gallery hours at the Marion County Cultural Alliance’s Brick City Center for the Arts, adjacent to Downtown Square. Entrance is free and the center is open to the public.

A few selections of works of art will be exhibited under a black light that makes the already brilliant moonlight scenes glow with luminescence.

The painting “The Universal Knowledge of Otorongo” by visionary Amazonian artist Alfredo Zagaceta, which will be at the center on October 16 and 23, is an example of the vividly colored work. The painting features images of the rainforest, including a puma and a jaguar surrounded by flowers, hummingbirds, symbols of the planets, and the face of a native woman.

A sign with the display explains the importance of the puma or jaguar, “otorongo”, in the visionary work of the Amazon. “(The puma) embodies the consciousness of the entire rainforest itself, including the myriad of anticipations, regrets, joys and sufferings of all the species contained therein,” the posting reads.

"bee woman"

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Gallery director Ashley Justiniano said the exhibit, which features around 35 paintings, is something everyone can enjoy.

“We call this type of exhibit an immersion exhibit,” Justiniano said.

All of the artwork on display is for sale and prices start at $ 100. Affordable prints of the original artwork will also be available.

Olsen, 71, originally from Minnesota and a former bodybuilder, recently retired as Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at the College of Central Florida.

The October exhibit at the Brick City Center for the Arts honors the Quest Foundation, which “saved millions of acres of land through the arts,” and celebrates the launch of Olsen’s latest book, “A Great Unification of sciences, arts and conscience “, concerning the mathematical order underlying the cosmos and the universe.

Olsen made several trips to the Peruvian rainforest, the sources of the Amazon, and met artist and “chamatic healer” Pablo Amaringo. He also visited the Usko-Ayar art school in Pucallpa, Peru, according to a biography published at the center.

Olsen, a collector of “visionary chamatic art”, wrote the book “Mysteries of the Amazon: Visionary Artwork of Pablo Amaringo and His Students”, according to Olsen’s biography.

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Last month, the Brick City Center for the Arts presented Marion Cultural Alliance’s third “Inspired By” jury art exhibition and competition.

Patricia Teal won the award for best show with her watercolor “Provision”, which can be viewed on the Marion Cultural Alliance Facebook page.

Opportunities are provided each year for artisans of painting, crafts, jewelry and other mediums to participate and sell their work in “The Shop at the Brick”.

Event calendar :

  • October 9 – Presentation by Robert Echols on “Cultivating reverence for life” and presentation by Scott Olsen on rainforest experiences in Peru and communication between species. 12 pm-3pm
  • Oct 16 – Alfredo Zagaceta and Mauro Reategui painting demonstration and discussion on the techniques used. 12 pm-3pm
  • October 23 – Alfredo Zagaceta and Mauro Reategui paint live at the Fine Arts For Ocala (FAFO) event. 12 pm-3pm
  • October 30 – Scott Olsen presents “The Mystery of Consciousness and Its Transmutation” and Charlene Johnson presents “The Claregate Method to Access the Soul Purpose”. 12 pm-3pm

The Brick City Center for the Arts is located at 23 Southwest Broadway St., Ocala. The gallery’s regular opening hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. closed Sunday and Monday. Call 352-369-1500 or visit mcaocala.org.


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