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The corner of Pulaski and Glen Street was lively last month in a way rare for Glen Cove. Beginning with a media preview Friday night and then open to the public on Saturday, June 19, a small business pop-up event and YouOffice art collective brought together sellers, buyers, exotic automobiles and curious residents keen to get out. , to mingle and see something. New.

Hosted by YouOffice, on Glen Street, in collaboration with the First City Project, the pop-up market has attracted more than 30 vendors, who filled the three floors of office suites, and 13 artists, who exhibited their work at the Aced Gallery on street level, a facility that will remain open to the public on a limited basis for the next two weeks. Vendors came from nearby villages like Sea Cliff and Locust Valley as well as Franklin Square, Long Beach and Brooklyn.

“We decided to do this event to attract local small businesses, have them fill our suites,” said Grace Flanagan, event production manager at YouOffice, “and invite buyers.”

Since the building opened in 2015, YouOffice has been renting private office suites to small businesses. Its mission has been to provide a profitable space where people can work and also have the opportunity to network with other small business owners. Flanagan said she decided to hold a pop-up market in March, an event that lasted only three hours, and despite the pandemic restrictions that were still in place at the time and the fact that it was was a last minute event, it generated a lot of interest.

“We didn’t know what to expect,” said Flanagan, “but it was a huge success.”

The sellers of the Pop-Up Market were excited to be a part of it, and some were eager to return after the success of the first. They ranged from bakers and artists to collectors and dealers.

Alexis Konstantakis, who owns a clothing company called Vintage by Lex in Long Beach, appeared on both YouOffice pop-ups. “It’s a different experience interacting with people in person compared to online, since I’ve been doing it online for three years now,” he said. “I like to meet my clients, I like to see them shopping. . . it’s just fun.

For the June event, YouOffice collaborated with First City Project to bring in more artists and exotic cars. First City Project was created by Joe LaPadula, resident and business owner of Glen Cove in 2017, after purchasing the JH Coles property on Glen Street and turning it into an urban art showcase. The historic house is a designated landmark that features architectural details dating back to 1810 and other parts dating back to 1690. The goal of the project is to “introduce residents … to the next generation of urban-themed artists through the transformation ”of the historic structure, according to its website.

“Given that Glen Cove is one of two cities on Long Island and was the first to become a city,” LaPadula said, “the name stuck.”

First City Project, which was just incorporated as a non-profit organization, held three charity events as well as private events in 2017 and 2018 at the historic house until LaPadula began renovating it there. is three years old. It has been used as a commercial space over the years, housing various restaurants and retail spaces, but because it is a 9,000 square foot structure with several floors, LaPadula said, it was too large and impractical for most businesses. Instead, he said, before the renovations he submitted plans to the city for a four-tenant subdivision, which was approved.

“It would have been cheaper and faster to demolish the building,” said LaPadula, “but we restored it and it took a few years.”

The first tenant, Southdown Coffee, opened in April 2020, making the space its flagship store, roasting coffee for its four locations. The pandemic has made it more difficult to find other tenants. LaPadula, who also owns Martino Auto Concepts, has helped organize events such as the Thursday night auto shows in downtown Glen Cove and the annual Gold Coast / Bimmerstock competition, which also serves as an auto show and fundraiser. funds for the Diabetes Research Institute.

For the pop-up event, he said, he reached out to artists he knows to help organize the “Summer Love” gallery exhibition, which includes street art, pop art and gallery art by artists from across the country. The gallery will be open on weekends until July 19, with visits by appointment only on weekdays.

“It’s a reintroduction to everything we’ve done,” LaPadula said. “I think a lot of people are just anxious to do something.”

He said he hoped to have another downtown event this month and wanted to involve more storefronts. “I hope to do a lot more projects and I want to take over the vacant storefronts just to make the city more beautiful and less empty,” he said. “We have some cool things going on. We just have to keep going. “

Leah Dwyer contributed to this story.


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