Wire Art Lights Up Texas Neighborhood – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


It’s still hot in North Texas, but in the Bishop Arts neighborhood of Dallas, you’ll find sweaters.

A stretch of 8th Street in Bishop is covered in wires – from trees to benches to bike racks.

“For me, it brings joy,” said Sally Ackerman of the Dallas Yarn Bombers. “People walk up, they hug a tree except he’s got a sweater on.”

Ackerman spends much of her time knitting and crocheting the art installations, which have been all over North Texas; from downtown Dallas to McKinney via its own backyard.

“Yeah, my house is pretty fun,” Ackerman said with a twinkle in his eye.

Ackerman has knitted and crocheted most of her life. She is a State Fair blue ribbon winner. Ackerman said her family no longer needed handmade sweaters, so she started bombarding with yarn years ago, to find out.

“I started doing these random acts of art,” Ackerman explained. “The first time I went out, I made 10-thread bombs, and my husband said, ‘Let me drive you, honey, in case you get arrested!'”

Ackerman has not been arrested. His yarn bomb installations are temporary and reusable. She said there’s nothing she can’t cover with wool.

“We did an entire village once,” Ackerman said, referring to Heritage Village in Dallas. “We made a golf cart.” It was for the State Fair.

“It’s fiber. It’s yarn. But it’s joy,” Ackerman said. “As long as I create, I am happy.”

When Ackerman is done, the trees look like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory.

“Well, I want them to smile. I want to just bring a touch of joy to their day,” Ackerman said of those who see the yarn bombing. “It’s more important than ever to express joy and share the joy in the world, and for people who are having a bad day to look up and go, wow!”

If you are interested in a Dallas Yarn Bombers installation or would like to help with the installation, you can contact them on Facebook or Instagram.


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