Yue Minjun Tang Contemporary Art Flower Paintings


After a 10-year hiatus, Yue Minjun is about to unveil a new solo exhibition titled “Smile at the Flower Sermon.” Installed at Tang Contemporary Artthe acclaimed Chinese artist presents his iconic Laughter series alongside a new suite of paintings that bloom with a floral twist.

Mijun was inspired to explore the symbolism of flowers in 2020, while living in Chuncheng in the southwest province of Yunnan. The city’s flowers provided the artist with a refreshing counterpoint to the gloom ushered in by the pandemic. Among the 20 new paintings, many of them feature or replace his iconic smiling faces with alluring and deceptive flowers. Misleading, in the sense that Minjun sees these elements as merely decorative, where there is an awareness that the truth of his subjects is hidden.

As a result, each composition presents the viewer with a mystery. What are the flowers really hiding? What have we lost? Find out for yourself as “Smile at the Flower Sermon” is performed at Tang Contemporary Art from March 24 to April 30.

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Tang Contemporary Art
10/F, H Queen’s,
80 Queen’s Central Road,
hong kong


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